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Racket Stringing

Prices for Racket Stringing
The Labor fee for stringing a racket is $15 for all strings except for NATURAL GUT. Natural gut is a very concentrated string that goes through a long process to make. Natural gut is very "stretchy" and very expensive. Natural gut is harder to string and risky, therefor the labor for stringing natural gut is $20.
I find my prices very reasonable and appropriate for the required task, I hope you feel the same.


Please contact us to get your racket strung


Over time grommets wear and tear from rackets hitting the ground or just eroding. If you are not sure when to 

replace your grommets, ask your local pro, or we can contact you when we get the racket recommending your 

grommets be replaced. You can purchase grommets from our website for us to install by contacting us, and telling

us the model of your racket.


You can purchase both over grips and replacement grips from us on our website. 

Replacement grips are the original grip under your over grip(if using one) that 

comes on the racket. We will install your over grip for free with any other service 

listed. If you don't need any other services we charge $1 to install your over grip. 

replacement grip will be charged $5 for installation.

To build up your grip to a different size, please contact us!

Complete Pricing Chart

these are service prices only!

remember over grip installation is free with all services listed below the over grip column is for over grip 

installation alone.


If you service two or more rackets the stringing is only $12 labor each.