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Hershey Strings 

Hershey Strings is a company that strings tennis rackets, which is located in Hershey, Pa. Throughout our site you will find strings to buy for your racket, grips, grommets, and much more. 

All products on are website are to be purchased through you and installed by us, any extra tape etc. will be returned to you.


Racket Stringing

In order to re-string or string a new racket, you must either provide your own string or buy the string from us. We have a very dense selection and great prices can also be found. Hershey strings can also Re-grip your racket or over grip your racket. (grips can be found on the products page). Many more racket needs are also offered by us, please check out the products page.

Currently we only offer drop off for our racket services but we hope to soon add a shipping option, where you can ship the racket and we can service it.